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Lawn Care

Take pride in your property with professional lawn care!  If you want a lush green lawn, it doesn’t happen overnight. Depending on what your yard looks like, we’ll customize a solution that addresses all your problem areas.  From watering, to fertilizing, to seeding, to mowing and more, our experienced crews know exactly what it takes to properly care for your lawn!  We’ll even create and manage a year-round schedule suited to your residential or commercial property.  Under our watch, your grass and curb appeal will become the envy of your neighborhood. While you have more time to simply enjoy it!

Lawn Cutting

Mowing your grass is an important step toward maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn.  You don’t want to risk cutting it too often and scalping it each time.  Or waiting too long, leaving your grass looking overgrown and untidy.  Instead, you need to find the perfect pattern for your yard, paying attention to the grade as you go.  Of course, there’s another option.

Working with Lawn-Smart Outdoor Services means never having to mow your lawn again—unless you want to.  With expert scheduling, we’ll take care of your lawn cutting throughout the seasons. Not to mention, we bring our own equipment, so you don’t have to worry about dull blades or temperamental mowers anymore.


In Carroll County, Maryland, our window of opportunity for aeration is small. Although it happens twice a year—in the spring and fall—it only lasts a few weeks at best.  Meaning, we need to get in there quickly to help your lawn breathe. If you’re not familiar with the process of aeration, it’s all about opening your grass and soil for more effective lawn care.  In fact, as part of this process, we work to remove lawn thatch that may have accumulated over time. Even as we break up the soil.  In the end, you’re left with a commercial or residential property that’s better able to absorb air, water, and fertilizers.  If you’re not sure when to start this process, just ask the experts!  At Lawn-Smart, we’ll work with you to schedule your aeration.  See what a difference it can make for your lawn!


Whether you’re trying to reinvigorate your current lawn or plant a new one, professional seeding will speed up the process considerably.  Depending on the time of year, we may recommend one of several different techniques, using specific grass varieties that will naturally flourish. We can focus on specific spots that always seem to be patchy or bare.  Or perform a complete lawn renovation where we essentially reseed your entire yard.  Let’s not forget about overseeding, which just refreshes your current grass with new growth for a fuller, healthier appearance.  No matter what route we take, you can trust that our landscapers will perform an professional seeding from start to finish.

Leaf Removal

Don’t let fallen leaves just sit in your yard!  One or two won’t cause much damage, but in autumn, they can quickly cover your grass. By blocking sunlight to your lawn below, this leafy layer can lead to bare patches and a weaker root system overall. Not to mention, they’ll hold moisture and spread decay to the turf below.  With our professional leaf removal services, though, you shouldn’t have to worry about any of this!  We’ll work hard to remove this debris quickly and efficiently throughout the season. Protecting all the effort you’ve put into your lawn care thus far, even as we set you up for better landscaping in the future!


Grading is an essential part of property management.  By focusing on the slope and topsoil of your residential or commercial landscaping, we can correct damage done to your lawn by vehicle ruts, construction work, and/or undernourishment.  Sloping allows us to ensure you have proper drainage that goes hand-in-hand with home (or business) maintenance.  Ultimately, we want the ground to slope away from buildings naturally, preventing standing water, flooding, and/or erosion.  But we can also address dramatic sloping or uneven ground caused by tenants/guests.  It often requires leveling or the use of additional supports, like a retaining wall or hardy ground-cover.

While we’re at it, we may also need to address the topsoil to fully remove ruts.  As the name would suggest, this is the layer of soil closest to the surface.  It’s also typically high in nutrients and other organic matter.  Making it essential for lawn repairs.  If you have property damage, we’ll need to loosen the existing soil before adding new topsoil to encourage grass to root and mix with your existing landscape.  We might also integrate different types to create natural borders around your property and help with grading.  Ultimately, though, it’s all about having beautiful landscaping you can enjoy, that’s also easy to maintain!