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Backyard transformations don’t happen overnight.  They require planning, design, and construction—all of which come together in a process we call landscaping!  Depending on your goals for the property, we can either enhance what you already have or completely transform the terrain.  This goes way beyond basic lawn care and gardening!  With the right combination of hardscape, like patios, and softscape (plants), our professional team will give you an outdoor space that suits your home.  Ideally, it’ll be beautiful, practical, and useful!  Giving you more space and more reasons to get outside and enjoy your own property.  Talk to our team at Lawn-Smart Outdoor Services about how we can transform your landscaping now.


Not only does mulching improve the look of your landscape, but it also keeps your yard healthy season after season.  By adding mulch around your foundation, trees, and garden beds, our Lawn-Smart crews can add instant curb appeal to your property.  Over time, this can protect plant life from rapid temperature changes, conserve moisture, and prevent weeds!  It may even improve your soil, adding organic matter back into the earth gradually.

Allow our experienced landscapers to choose the right mulch, distribute it evenly, and transform your backyard!  Since we offer year-round services, we’ll be able to touch up mulching over time. Ultimately, though, this is one of the quickest ways to improve your landscaping from the ground up.


Whether your green thumb is nonexistent or simply needs a break, let us take care of planting this season.  Starting with your soil, we’ll prepare your landscaping for these new additions (and their roots) to take hold.  Would you like a few shade trees?  Maybe some shrubbery for privacy?  Or pretty perennials to add pops of color in every season?  Ask the experts at Lawn-Smart Outdoor Services!  We’ll recommend species that will highlight your landscaping, then properly group them, and plant them for a full landscape design that will last.


Although part of our job as your full-service landscapers is to promote new growth, we also handle trimming and pruning.  Unfortunately, too much growth can lead to shabby and stringy plant life, whether we’re looking at trees, shrubs, or other flowering plants.  With the right amount of trimming, we can keep the size of your plants under control as we work to promote healthier new growth.  Depending on your particular landscape, you may need regular trimming and pruning or just spring and fall clean-ups.  Either way, our crews will monitor your plant life, looking for signs of disease or decay that calls for an early trim. 

We’ll recommend a schedule that works for your landscaping and cleans up your curb appeal! After all, we want to preserve the shape of your original design without harming any of the natural elements.  You can benefit from our experience and see what a difference simply trimming and pruning can make! 


To maintain clean lines around your landscape, you should also consider edging.  This involves adding hardscape elements to separate areas in your garden or yard.  From a visual standpoint, it emphasizes the lines of your existing beds even it as directs you to the next landscaping focal point.  We like adding edging to stop your lawn from spreading into other areas of your design.  Such as a private patio with seating.  Or to further delineate and protect a flower border. 

Edging may incorporate various materials, like stones, bricks, or pavers.  Whatever works best with your overall landscaping design. When you work with our professional landscapers, we integrate your edging, planting, mulching, and more for a finishing product that provides long-lasting curb appeal.  Check out our portfolio to see our work for yourself!

Shrub Removal

When you have small trees or shrubs around your property that become overgrown or damaged, we can help you remove them! Roots and all. Even if you just want them gone to improve your overall landscaping, leave this task to our shrub removal experts. Not only can we effectively cut out the offending shrubbery, but we can also assist you with planting replacements. Thanks to our equipment and experience, you’ll have options for stump grinding and chip removal, too. Your landscaping will look better than ever once we’re through! Contact us for custom quote on your next shrub removal.